3 Ways to Explore the Incredible Midwest

If you opt to hire an RV in the US this year, don’t forget that the Midwest is still one of the better kept secrets for those in search of incredible road trips away from the busier routes. In fact, the overwhelming majority of people who’ve visited the region will often recall encounters with warm and friendly communities, sunset drives though wonderful scenery, and almost always exhibit a strong desire to one day return. Although Route 66 crosses significant parts of the Midwest, there are still many other ways to see and explore its exciting cities, charming towns, and vast landscapes on offer. Here are 3 itineraries we highly recommend you consider (each taking roughly 7 days to complete):

1) Rapid City (South Dakota) to Two Harbors (Minnesota)

Rapid City – Mount Rushmore – Badlands National Park – Sioux Falls – Minneapolis – Two Harbors

This road trip is perfect for any group that has a thirst for wild adventure, stunning landscapes and the occasional idyllic relaxation spot too. Driving your RV rental from Rapid City, you can easily reach the Mount Rushmore National Memorial and the spectacular Badlands National Park which hosts a range of buttes and vast prairies that will remind you of many a scene from Dances with Wolves. From here, stops in Sioux Falls and Minneapolis will offer you a few creature comforts as well as several great attractions such as Falls Park and its observation tower in the former, and the Endless Bridge in the latter. Two Harbors, which is located on the edge of Lake Superior, marks an excellent endpoint and a visit to the beautiful Split Rock Lighthouse is an absolute must.

2) Sioux Falls (South Dakota) to Bloomington (Indiana)

Sioux Falls – Omaha – Kansas City – Lake of the Ozarks – St. Louis – Bloomington

Starting at Sioux Falls, this route will showcase some of the very best of the Midwest’s finest and most intriguing towns and cities. After a visit to Falls Park, your journey will then take you south to Omaha which has rapidly gained prominence as one of the region’s most happening cities, with a range of cool music venues and cultural attractions. From here, head east and you’ll reach Kansas City, an urban center that offers an eclectic mix of museums, stunning parks, and a thriving jazz scene. As you make your way towards St. Louis, you’ll pass Lake of the Ozarks which is home to a range of beautiful parks and adventurous activities for those in search of a mini-adrenaline rush. The final stop of the itinerary is the charming Indiana town of Bloomington, which is home to range of chic cafes, high quality restaurants and numerous green spaces that perfectly encapsulate the feeling of a quaint yet vibrant Midwestern town.

3) Chicago (Illinois) to Two Harbors (Minnesota)

Chicago – Milwaukee – Madison – Minneapolis – Two Harbors

It’s practically impossible to ignore Chicago in at least one of our itineraries, and the Windy City has an incredible array of activities and attractions to choose from depending on personal taste and the composition of your road trip group. After Chicago, head north to Milwaukee and Madison, two contrasting locations that will both offer you a surprising array of museums (including the impressive Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee), trendy galleries and bars, and most importantly of all, friendly locals keen to see visitors a little off the beaten track. The perfect way to end this tour is a visit to Two Harbors via Minneapolis, a city that offers a beautiful array of entertainment venues and cultural attractions. As we’ve mentioned above, a visit to Split Rock Lighthouse should be seriously considered.