4 Fantastic European Beaches

Europe does not have a tropical climate, so European beaches are rarely at the top of beach bucket lists. For the avid beach lover intent on seeing the variety of beaches available in the world, however, missing out on Europe’s gorgeous finds may be a grave error. If you plan on booking a Palm Beach jet charter and exploring some European beaches while the weather is still favorable, make sure to add the following finds to your list.

Our Lady Beach in Porquerolles, France

Our Lady Beach frames the remarkably beautiful turquoise waters of the French Riviera. Porquerolles is an island that is mostly made up of a nature preserve, so it retains must of its natural beauty and simple culture free from development. There is a small village, but you will have to take a boat from the mainland to the island after flying in. Visiting this beach could be a very romantic or exciting day trip.

Cale Goloritz in Sardinia, Italy

Cale Goloritz is known for being extremely photogenic, with perfect white sand and blue green waters. The beach is known to be one of the best for snorkeling, with amazing maritime scenery. The beach is a bit difficult to reach, as you are not allowed to bring boats or cars up to shore, but you can dock close and walk in or take a bicycle trip from a nearby resort for a fun day trip. Those that have visited say that it’s worth the effort to get to the beach.

Elafonissi Beach in Elafonissi, Greece

Elafonissi Beach is a stunning beach with pink sand and calm, light blue water. The area surrounding the beach is a Natura 2000 protected area, so you can view the rare wildlife, endangered sea turtles, lilies, and junipers in all of their glory, knowing that they will not be traded for hotels and bars. The water is notably shallow in certain places, making this beach ideal for families with children and beachgoers that like to wade but not deal with rough, deep waters.

Black Sand Beach in Vik, Iceland

Dark blue waters and dark cliffs frame the black sand that is the namesake of Black Sand Beach in Vik, Iceland. The rock formations and caves present surrounding the beach make this a very unique beach to explore. Despite its intimidating color, the sand is soft to walk on. Horseback riding is a popular pastime on Black Sand Beach. The rough waters and stony bottom make this beach difficult for swimming, but amazing for the scenery.

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