Bangalore’s top 5 massage centers

Bangalore had become important center when it comes to spa resorts in recent years. This is not odd considering number of people living in Bangalore and number of tourists that come here every year looking for peace. It offers wide range of spa services from which you can choose what works the best for you.

Massage is best way to relax and these spa centers will provide you with amazing experiences. They all offer therapeutic and intimate massages. If you want to be relaxed and recharge your body energy you can choose Swedish, Thai or Balinese massage, but if you want sensual sexual healing than you need intimate massage.

There are many types of intimate massages but the most popular ones are body to body massage, sandwich massage, female to male, male to male and sensual massage. All of the spa centers we chose for you offer these services. We researched and made a list of top 5 massage & spa centers in beautiful city of Bangalore.

Alisha Body Spa

With friendly and vocational staff, this spa is not only one of the bests in Bangalore, but it will make you remember it no matter where you go. They offer many different types of massage, both therapeutic and intimate versions.

If you want therapy massage you can choose between Thai, Swedish and Balinese, and if you are looking to fulfil your greatest sensual desires, intimate massage is your solution. Alisha Body Spa offers versions such is body to body massage, sandwich massage, female to male and Nuru massage.

They have over 10 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients.

Located in many different areas, such as Koramangala, JP Nagar, Hebbal, Fazer Town, Indiranagar and Sivaji Nagar, you can choose one that is nearest and have most relaxing afternoon. Their staff is also specialized in Aromatherapy, Ayurveda and tissue massage. Hypnotic ambiance, wonderful smells, relaxing music, this spa offers you royal treatment that you will remember for a very long time.

Body Square

They are award winning massage center with extraordinary services. Products that they use all come from natural ingredients and can meet anyone’s quality standards. Body Square is always there to welcome you with amazing services.

This spa center provides one of the best intimate massages in Bangalore. Whether you are tourist or local, Body Square will make you feel like you are home. Services in this spa are oriented towards body to body massages. Highly trained staff, both male and female, are here to release you from stress and heal your mental energy.

Bang Body Spa

You can find one of the most heartfelt spa experiences if you decide to visit Bang Body Spa. According to Bangalore Mirror News Magazine, they are rated as one of the best massage and spa places in this city.

They are perfect for anyone who is looking for luxurious and simulative experience. There is nothing left to say expect than go and put yourself in hands of amazing staff and enjoy.

Linga Massage

They offer release of muscle, joint and body pain and preform their massages using oil, powder, cream and lotion. Linga offers you unique massage experience with young but experienced staff. Massage ladies are kind and sensual, they will make you feel like you belong there. Their specialties are foot massages, head and body massages. Using only natural products ensures client satisfaction and will guarantee that you will walk out of spa with smile on your face.

Spa Alia

Spa Alia is one of the best spa and massage centers in Bangalore. They know how to address problem that you have in order to give you the biggest satisfaction, healing your body, soul and mind. Results of their massages are amazing. They are known for stress and anxiety reduction, improvement of cardio health, disappearing back pain and many others.

If you want to be treated as royalty, Spa Alia should be your choice. Unmatched staff with best training is best at anticipating and fulfilling your needs and deepest desires. Seductive ambiance and pleasing staff will ensure that you come back for more.