Best Beach Destinations in United States

The following are the best beach destinations of the United States of America.

The Duke Kahanamoku Beach of Hawaii

  • The beach is one of the safest places for swimming in the United State of America.
  • It is protected Most from strong sea waves by a shallow reef that is located offshore.
  • It was named in honor of Duke Paoa Kahanamoku who is famous for introducing surfing to the world outside the United States.
  • The beach is enclosed by the Hawaiian village of catamaran on one side and the small boats harbor of Ala Wai.


The Barefoot Beach Preserve County Park of Florida

  • This is an 8000 feet long beach in 340 acres of land in Florida.
  • The sea waves here are gentle making it an ideal place for surfing.
  • The shallow waters attracts a huge number of people especially families who come for swimming in the afternoon.
  • The beach sand is fine-white with minute pebbles providing an ideal place for sunbathing.

The St. George Island State ParkĀ 

  • The beautiful white sand beach is located in Florida State.
  • The sand in the beach is powdery squeaky and clean.
  • It is in close proximity to the State Park Beach that is located in the eastern end of the Island across the sand dunes.
  • Fishing and birds hunting are among the famous activities that take place in this beach.

Waimanalo Bay State Park in Hawaii

  • The park has shallow waters with a warm climate throughout the year thus providing perfect conditions for swimming.
  • It is spacious with ample parking space.
  • The facilities are of high qualities including the restrooms and the outdoor showers.
  • It is the safest beach in the United States of America as it rarely experiences huge waves and dangerous water currents.

The Cape Hatteras of Outer Banks, North Carolina

  • Cape Hatteras is a barrier island that stretches several miles offshore of the mainland coast.
  • It has the light house that most of the United States dwellers love.
  • It provides the best environment for board surfing along the Eastern coast of the United States.
  • One of the tourist attractions to the place is the ancient fishing villages found there.
  • Among other natural phenomenon that attracts masses of people to the beach are the sport fishing and beach combing.

The Coast Guard Beach in Cape Cod of Massachusetts

  • It is located in a more accessible place through a bicycle, shuttle mini-buses and even the motorcycle from Salt Pond Visitors Centre.
  • It was created in a spot that a sand spit came into contact to the cliffs of glacier.
  • The beach slants towards the sea with the course white sand in it.
  • The ancient Coast Guard Station in the beach allows one to have a clear view of the spectacular Nauset Spit Barrier systems and the several bays near it.
  • During the summer season, the waters are warm allowing those who love swimming in the sea water to enjoy the waters.

The above beaches are amazing. Apply for your today to allow you to move freely while enjoying the picturesque activities and the view of the beaches. Do it early enough to avoid the inconvenience that might come along with the late application.