India’s 10 Most Romantic Resorts

India is one of the most amazing countries where one can have a romantic gate away with spouse. Think of having a candle lit dinner in an ancient resort, or have a moonlight boat ride or have a romantic honeymoon on a private island, isn’t all these magical settings quite romantic? Indian resorts are the perfect place to enjoy a wonderful memorable romantic holiday you’re your spouse.

Here are some of the top romantic resorts that will blossom your honeymoon or romantic tour

  1. Vaamika Island Kochi

Vaamika Island Kochi resort is one top resort that offers an amazing ambiance for a romantic tour for couples. This resort is located on a seven acre island and has two main residences where you can get to enjoy each other’s company. This is one exquisite place as it has a beautiful garden; lakefront pools, massage pavilions and the butler services are quite exemplary. Also available in this resort is a free easily accessible Wi-Fi where you can connect to the outside world via Internet. Take a boat ride to this wonderful resort and have a romantic experience like no other.


  1. Nandadevi Estate, Binsar, Uttarakhand

This is the other most romantic resort in India worth your visit. The resort lays deep inside a wildlife sanctuary thus what a way to spend a romantic tour than having to watch wildlife animals on their sanctuary. This resort is surrounded by mountains and lush forest creating some element of privacy which comes handy on romantic hang outs.

  1. Bungalow on the Beach Tranquebar, Tamil Nadu

This is also another quite secluded romantic resort that is not easily accessed by many thus a wonderful spot for a romantic date. Here you can relax and have sunbath or swim on the beautiful beach in addition you can take a boat ride and have your meals while still at the sea.

  1. Butt’s Clermont Houseboats Srinagar

This is another quite amazing spot that is famously known for having legendary houseboats on Lake Dal. This is also another quiet romantic destination that is free of all the city hustles and noise. Here you will get to enjoy the stunning views of snow peaks and placid waters.

  1. Wildernest Goa

The world is going green and what a way to spend a romantic tour other than in an eco-friendly resort. Wildernset Goa is one resort that has amazing beautiful scenery of a green garden that will make your romantic tour a wonderful experience.


  1. Glenburn Tea Estate Darjeeling

This is another wonderful resort that is located up the hill in Glenburn Tea Estate. The green scenery here is spectacular to view. Here at the resort there are eight suites that have borrowed the ancient colonial design. The delicacies served here are also delicious Indian foods.

  1. Devi Garh by lebua Udaipur

This is another ancient royal palace that is now a resort. What a breathtaking experience to have a romantic dinner on a place that was once a royal residence. The cliff top hotel is the place to be here as it was refurbished into a modern luxurious resort. Here you will get to have romantic views of the sun as it sets down the mountain.

  1. The Serai Chikmagalur, Karnataka

This is one resort that is purely for romantic couples as children’s are not allowed here it has four private villas that are quite luxurious with pools and Jacuzzis. There are also massage points where you can have a wonderful massage while relaxing with your spouse.

  1. The Tamara-Coorg

This is the other top rated romantic resort in India according to CNBC. This is another resort entirely secluded from the city thus the quietness provides a good feel for a romantic tour. The green scenery and fresh air from the coffee plantation surrounding the resort is quite attractive.

  1.  Taj Falaknuma Palace Hyderabad

Taj Falaknuma palace is one resort I cannot fail mentioning while talking of India best resorts. The magnificent state of the art design of this palace is one astonishing thing that will make you yearn for more. There are close to 60 well furnished rooms that you can spend your romantic days and night. The staircase in these resort are also worth mentioning as they are made of expensive marble material.

What a way to spend your honeymoon or a romantic tour than to have a candle lit dinner listening to live jazz music is such a wonderful environment. Get an Indian visa and get to visit these stunning resorts in India.

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