Marsa Alam: For Lovers Of The Sea And The Desert

Marsa Alam has become, since the opening of the international airport in 2001, one of the most attractive cities of the Red Sea, for lovers of scuba diving, where the fall in the arms of the sea and the desert. This brings the city between the means of Western comfort and housing overshadowed by the character of the Bedouin.

The dive sites in Marsa Alam are the most attractive to professional divers because of the wonderful coral reef as well as dolphins and diverse marine life.

Coral reefs close to the shore constitute an ideal location to enjoy exploring the marine life for hours especially for novice divers.

Featuring Marsa Alam Harbour “Marina Port” With all the new luxury hotels and resorts dedicated to yacht mooring space, which can accommodate about 1,000 yachts. The availability of the marina recently established a set of best relaxation and entertainment facilities on the Red Sea coast of exquisite luxury restaurants and resorts.

The resort also features a global conference center equipped with the latest technologies in the Red Sea area, which contains the event hall with an area of 1950 square meters, which hosts various events ranging from conferences, which includes 2000 invited down to the small informal meetings.

Marsa Alam is renowned for being a tourist destination for windsurfing and an ideal starting point for safaris and exploring the wilderness areas, in addition to being a destination for medical tourism.

The climate net Marsa Alam made it a great place to spend the holidays, with temperatures in the winter to 31 degrees Celsius in the summer range between 20 to 35 degrees Celsius.

And it includes parks nearby in Gebel Elba and Wadi beauty of the amazing variety of birds and desert animals.

The Red Sea area is a global destination for scuba diving which makes it an ideal place for divers.One of the most prominent parks and places reefs wonderful located in the depths of the Red Sea, and diving enthusiasts who are unable to exercise can enjoy it through «the submarine», which docked at the marina and the tourists can use to wander around in the Red Sea to see the coral reefs and fish with multiple and exotic colors, without the need to wear diving equipment suit, through glass barriers present in the submarine, as can practice all water activities in the Red Sea, not to mention the existing pools of water around the various hotels which available by some water sports that increase the fun of accommodation, especially for the children traveling with their parents in their holidays.

Youcan arrange transportation through the hotel, you can take a bus and spend the day exploring the beautiful underwater fish and plants in the Red Sea. You  will find wonderful protected area, a breathtaking beach is ideal for diving Red Sea reed, or just relax in the sun.

Whether you’re a fan of the beach or the desert or the bottom of the sea, or even a fan of the monuments and the exercise of various activities, you are in any case Stahq Marsa Alam.