Start Planning Your Island Holiday Now

Sometimes, it can be difficult to best the incredible sights and experiences of Australia. The continent is an impressive melting pot of different languages, cultures, and climates. You can spend your time lazing on a sunny beach or climbing a mountain. There are hills, valleys, grassy meadows, and scorching deserts. Sometimes, when you want to go abroad on holiday, you should just stay in Australia. It’s so beautiful and so diverse that you might just find yourself without a good reason to leave. If you want to make a little getaway but not go too far, Norfolk Island is the key. Norfolk Islanders are some of the nicest, most hospitable people you’ll ever meet. The beaches are incredibly maintained with crystal-clear water and clean sand.

Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island, long considered one of the nicest holiday spots in the world, was first settled by the Polynesian people who ventured to New Zealand and surrounding islands. They never migrated in massive numbers and maintained a small society on the island. It wasn’t heavily populated until the British invasion arrived on its shores.

The evergreen trees on Norfolk Island are always popular throughout Australia and noted around the world. They are so significant and recognisable as parts of the Island identity that one is pictured on the flag. The smooth tree fern native to the island is actually the tallest fern in the world. It is incredibly rare everywhere outside of the Island. There are very few native land animals since the island is fairly small, but there is quite a bit of access to sea life. Whale sharks are a notable sea animal that you might encounter.

Book Your Holiday

Norfolk Island holidays are a great choice just about year-round. Traveling to Norfolk Island is an ideal way to spend a weekend or even a few weeks, or whatever works best for you. You should make sure you book your apartment or hotel with a reputable agency because they will have access to the best resources. You will be able to scroll through lists of high-resolution photos of apartments on the island that you can choose from. Furthermore, when you book a quality apartment rental, you’ll get the Norfolk Island treatment that has made the island famous. A great apartment will give you access to a mobile phone, fresh fruit in season, towels, thermoses, and much more.

What to Do

When you’re on the island, you might never want to leave your wonderful hotel. If you manage to get out of the hotel, you should avail yourself of the incredible sightseeing. There are restaurants that serve some of the freshest and most delicious seafood you’ll find. The tennis courts are known throughout Australia to be some of the best. Also, the sub-tropical gardens are year-round attractions. Because the weather is always so great on Norfolk Island, just about every kind of fruit or flower grows tall on the island. That means the botanical gardens are always a sight to see.